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Bio-Form (Stock code: 831640) strives to solve environmental pollution issues through the power of nature. Taking the lead in being a listed environmental pollution management enterprise with biotechnology as its core technology, Bio- Form was evaluated as a National Hi-tech Enterprise in both 2013 and 2016, and entered the innovation layer of the New Three Board in 2017.


Since establishment, Bio-Form has adhered to the development path of high specialization.  We attach high importance to the investment into research and development as well as capacity building, and have gained two patents for inventions of domestic leading environmental purification technology by microbes , as well as seven patents for utility models. The unique technological superiority and the excellent production capacity have enabled us to take the lead in the industry.  Possessing the most comprehensive germ bank with almost 50 types of microbial agents for pollution abatement, we are able to address different types of pollution problems with high pertinence. With the supports of our technological superiority, our business centers on water pollution treatment, and extends to fields such as exhaust gas degradation, soil remediation, solid waste disposal etc. All of our microbial agents are screened and extracted from the nature, and treated with our unique “bacteria & enzyme” technology before encapsulated with microcapsule technology, which has ensured the highest activity of our microbial agents, and effectively augments the stability and the activity of the microbes.


After going public, with the aids of capital,Bio-form presses forward the development path of enterprise scaling, and set up subsidiaries and offices in around the country, including Bio-form Technology Co., Ltd., Bio-form Research Institute, Bio-form Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Bio-form Environmental Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shandong Bio-form Eco-environment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Bio-form Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Bio-form Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. The self-dependent developed patented technologies as well as our core products together act as the centre of all subsidiaries, which complement each other with their own superiorities and together constitute the environmental service hierarchy of Bio-Form.

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