BIOFORM®Oil Degradation Treatment

BIOFORM®Oil Degradation Treatment is made by bacteria which screened completely from nature, using microcapsule packaging process and unique enzyme treatment technology.It is a good choice for sewage treatment and biological repair.

Degradation of hydrocarbons such as petroleum and its derivatives.
Repair oil pollution of water, soil, ground and surface of machinery in situ.
Degradation of gasoline class organic matter(GRO), diesel(DRO) organic matter.
Strengthen biodegradable of solvent, coating, surface active agent, lubricants, etc.
Resistance to toxic substances (including the sudden influx of hydrocarbons and the increase of heavy metal concentrations).
Eliminate sludge, silt, etc., can reduce toxic odor with no hydrogen sulfide.

Scope of application

It can be used for bioremediation treatment of pollution from hydrocarbons such as oil and its derivatives, including: circulating oil leakage, oil spill pollution in open or closed waters, surface and ground water of soil, hydrocarbon pollution. In

Description Of Products

Number of effective live bacteria
Number of effective live bacteria≥2×108cfu/g
Product characteristics and specifications
Aluminum foil bag packaging, liquid and solid products should be free of obvious impurities, solid products should have water absorption.
The net weight is 454 grams.
Expiration date
The expiration date of the product is 2 years if the storage and transportation conditions are up to specification, the packaging are complete, the seal is not opened.
Storage method
This product should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, shall not be deposited in the open air to prevent the rain, humidity, sunlight and high temperature over 40℃. Storage with toxic, harmful and corrosive substances is strictly prohibited.

Use instructions

Method of use
Stir and activate the product proportionally (one bag of product mixed with 10L water) with water. Dosage: 5-50g/m3. The detailed usage is in accordance with the specific scheme provided by BIOFORM.
Operation parameter
If there are any special cases, please communicate with our professional staff before using. Special cases include but are not limited to the large amount of toxic substances, unknown organisms and high concentration in water quality.
The test results show that the following physical and chemical parameters are more effective for bacterial growth:
pH: the ideal pH value is 7.0-8.0
Temperature: the ideal temperature value is 26-32℃.
Dissolved oxygen: the dissolved oxygen in anaerobic tank is less than 0.2 mg/L, the dissolved oxygen in anoxic tank is 0.5 mg/L, and the dissolved oxygen in aerobic tank is 2-4 mg/L.
Trace elements: many elements such as potassium, iron, calcium, sulfur, and magnesium, are required for the growth of a proper family of bacteria. Usually the soil and water source will contain the above sufficient amount of elements.
Salinity: applicable to both sea water and fresh water and can withstand salinity up to 40‰
Poison resistance: effectively resist chemical toxic substances, including chloride, cyanide and heavy metals
Note: when microbicides are present in contaminated areas, their effects on microorganisms should be studied in advance.

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