Bio-Form Microbial Incubator


The incubator is utilized for mixing and dissolving microbial agents, which provides both a beneficial environment for microbial proliferation, and feasibility of microbial acclimation through control and regulation to increase microbe’s adaptability against pollution. 

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Equipment Advantages


Compared with adding microbial agents manually, using incubators can not only avoid waste of agents, but is also more convenient in the respect of microbial acclimation enhancement. 



Manual adding:
Inconvenient operation, subject to waste of agents.
Unable to perform preliminary acclimation of microbes. 
Weaker adaptability of microbes against pollution, more vulnerable to water quality in the system.
Sensitive to surrounding environment.

Reduction on the use of agents by automatic timing and rationed adding.
Increase microbe's adaptability against pollution by regulating culthre envirohment for microbial acclimation.
Customized plans of microbes adding according to on-site environment.

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