Pharmaceutical Wastewater

Pharmaceutical wastewater varies greatly depending on the drug product and production process, and it is one of the highly difficult organic wastewaters that are difficult to handle. Pharmaceutical industry wastewater mainly includes four categories: antibiotic production wastewater, synthetic drug production wastewater, Chinese patent medicine production wastewater, and washing water and washing wastewater in various preparation processes.

Characteristics of pharmaceutical wastewater

The composition is complex with various the organic matter and high concentration. The CODcr and BOD5 are high with high fluctuation. The concentration of ammonia nitrogen is high with deep color and great toxicity. The concentration of solid suspension SS is high. Moreover, pharmaceutical factories usually adopt intermittent production so the types of products vary greatly, resulting in a large change in the quality of water, water volume and pollutants.

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Conventional processes and its limitations

High energy consumption and low efficiency make it difficult to deal with and discharge wastewater.。

Take high concentration COD and lower concentration ammonia nitrogen pharmaceutical wastewater as an example.


Process characteristics

The system has high processing efficiency, strong anti-impact load capacity and stable system operation.

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