The characteristics of industrial park wastewater


Industrial park wastewater

Industrial park wastewater comes from various types of enterprise wastewater in industrial parks and domestic sewage. The enterprise wastewater includes: coal chemical wastewater, steel production wastewater, precision casting wastewater, equipment manufacturing wastewater, food processing wastewater, new material production wastewater and pharmaceutical processing wastewater.

The characteristics of industrial wastewater

(1) Large discharge, wide pollution range and complicated discharge methods;

(2) There are many kinds of pollutants and the concentration fluctuation range is large;

(3) The pollutants are highly toxic and harmful. The laws of migration change after pollutant discharge are large and are difficult to recover.

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Conventional processes and its limitations


Comprehensive treatment process for various electroplating wastewater



The limitations of conventional process

The conventional process is only for the comprehensive treatment of local wastewater, and it is not possible to co-process a variety of wastewaters with relatively low impact load.


A2O+FMBR Process




Process characteristics

(1) Effectively realizing biochemical nitrogen and phosphorus removal;

(2) Covering small area;

(3) Low power consumption;

(4) Basically don’t produce organic sludge;

(5) Long operating life and low operating costs;

(6) New technology for simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal.


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