The characteristics of water quality


The water body is small with high circulation rate and poor buffering capacity.

H It has high requirements for water quality indicators such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, ph and transparency.

It has less biodiversity and is easy to break down.

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Conventional processing methods and their limitations


Conventional water treatment method

The conventional aquarium purification treatment method takes a biochemical sphere or a ceramic ring as a carrier for microbial attachment, filters and purifies the aquarium water body by using the carrier and the nitrifying bacteria on the carrier.



The limitations of conventional water treatment methods

(1) Traditional nitrifying bacteria lack the ability to decompose organic matter.

(2) The manufacturing process is rough with impure strain and weak ability to degrade ammonia nitrogen and nitrite which is easy to introduce harmful bacteria.

(3) The area ratio of the filler is small with large load on the biological system. It can’t completely deal with water pollution. Nitrification and nitrification are easy out of balance, resulting in accumulation of nitrites

(4) Not irregular nitrifying bacteria, but photosynthetic bacteria, Bacillus, etc., need to be added regularly.



BF purification technology


BF purification technology::

The principle of BF purification technology is similar to that of conventional purification technology, but the BF aquarium species can be efficiently screened to remove organic matter, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in water. At the same time, the specific surface area rich in BF can be used to increase the quantity of bacteria in the aquatic system, which greatly improves the purification capacity of the aquatic system


The Characteristics of high efficiency bacteria + filler water treatment method

(1) BZT aquatic species can degrade organic matter in water, making the water body clear and transparent for a long time and maintaining good ornamental value.

(2) ZT aquatic group is a directional screened nitrifying bacteria which can efficiently degrade ammonia-nitrogen nitrite and create a good living environment for ornamental organisms.

(3) The active foam carrier filler has the advantages of high porosity, anti-resistance, good hydrophilicity and high microbial adhesion rate. The specific surface area is ​​3.5×105 m 2 /m 3 which greatly enhances the effect of water treatment.

(4) With strong colonization ability, it can be used for a long time after inoculation.

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